Fee  (Taking impression & Setting)


Insurance covered    If the patient should pay 30%

Resin filling roughly  
Metal inlay roughly ¥2,000
Metal crown roughly


Metal crown covered by plastic for front teeth roughly


Metal bridge for back missing tooth roughly ¥12,000
Metal bridge covered by plastics for front missing tooth roughly ¥21,700



Fee not covered by insurance   Tax included


Diagnosis for orthodontic treatment

(simple counseling free) 


Orthodontic treatment

Adjustment Fee for each orthodontic treatment ¥2,200~5,500
Crown Inlay etc...  

 Ceramo-metal crown

(Crown covered with ceramic)


All ceramic crown


Hybrid resin inlay containing ceramic filler


Ceramic inlay


Gold inlay


Magnet for denture



(implant for orthodontic anchor is much cheaper)


Abutment for implant

Office bleaching(each tooth) ¥5,500 
Tray for Home bleaching, Mouthguard for sports


Home bleaching gel (1 syringe) ¥2,800