The  director

Hiroshi Iwamoto  

D.D.S.( Doctor of Dental Surgeon) D.D.Sc (Degree of Dental Science in Orthodontics)

Approved orthodontist by Japanese Orthodontic Society

Clinical teaching staff of Osaka Dental University Dept. of Orthodontics

Clinical teaching staff of Osaka Dental Hygienist College


Born on March 7.1960

Graduated from Rokko Junior and Senior High School in 1978

Graduated from Osaka Dental University & entered Graduate school (Dept.of Orthodontics) in 1984

Graduated from Postgraduate School & earned degree in 1988

Approved as a special orthodontist by Japanese Orthodontic Society( No. 560) in 1990

Worked as a part-time lecturer at Osaka Dental University (Dept. of Orthodontics) 1988-1993

Clinical teaching staff of Osaka Dental University (Dept. of Orthodontics) from 1993 

Working as a orthodontist in Kodera Dental & Orthodontic Clinic (Sanda city Hyogo) from 1988


Bond strength of new ceramic bracket enhanced by silane coating ( The Journal of Japanese Orthodontic Society vol 46 547-557 1987 written in English)

This thesis for ceramic bracket was presented at the 45th annual meeting of Japanese Orthodontic Society in 1986 for the first time in Japan.


Society & Study session  

Japanese Orthodontic Society

Kinki-Tokai Orthodontic Society

Japanese  Oral Implant Society

Osaka Oral Implant Session

Study Session for Orthodontists

Hakushikai (Study Session for Rokko High School alumni )

Toseikai (Study Session for Higashinari Dental Association)


Recent Presentations   

2004 Nov.25th    at  Study Session for Orthodontists

        Nov.28th   at  Osaka Oral Implant Session

        Dec. 3rd    at  Toseikai (Study Session for Higashinari Dental Association)

2005 Jun. 12th   at The 47th Annual Meeting of the Kinki-Tokai Orthodontic                         Society (Nagoya)

        Jul . 24th   at The 25th Annual Meeting of Japanese  Oral Implant Society

                         Kinki-Hokuriku district (Kanazawa)

2006 Sep.15~17 at the 36th Annual Meeting of Japanese  Oral Implant Society                                                                                               (Niigata)

                         "Magnet Denture Supported by Implants Placed in the                 Use of Lateral                                   Cephalogram in Edentulous Mandible"



Clinical orthodontic course for 300 hours at University of Southern California

Implant course for 80 hours at Osaka Oral Implant Session

Level Anchorage System course

Lingual orthodontic course by Dr.Gorman   e.t.c.


 Skiing (1st grade at Skiing Association of Japan)

Soccer, Golf, English conversation,Gardening


Akira Iwamoto

D.D.S.(Doctor of Dental Surgeon) D.M.Sc (Doctor of Medical Science in Bacteriology)

Vice president of Osaka City School Doctors Association

School doctor of Osaka Tamatsu Junior High School

School doctor of Osaka Higashiobase Kindergarten


Graduated from Osaka Dental College

Started Iwamoto Dental Clinic at the present place in 1952

Earned D.M.Sc. degree at Kyoto Medical University in 1959


Golf,Repairing things ,English conversation, International goodwill

  My father Akira has received a testimonial from the Minister for Education, Culture, and Science for his contribution to the diffusion and promotion of school dental health over many years (Oct.19, 2006).

 The dentists in our district held a celebration party for him  (Dec.17, 2006).   

Dr.Beach gave an congratulatory speech. He introduced a new form of treatment known as 'The High Speed Technique' to Japan just after the Second World War and greatly contributed to the development of Japanese dentistry. He is the same age as Akira, and they have been good friends for more than 50 years.

Hiroshi made a speech expressing his gratitude to everyone concerned.