Esthetic , Cosmetic dentistry,  Halitosis, & Allergy to metal

Office bleaching system (Quick whitening  treated in our clinic)

Home bleaching system. We make the individual tray  and patients can wear trays (whitening gel)at home. Super whitening gel contains potassium nitrate to alleviate the sensitivity sometimes associated with  take-home tooth whitening. This formulation of creamy white viscous gel  is easier to apply and  is visible in the whitening trays to ensure complete coverage.

 1-Syringe Kit is ¥2800(Tax included)

All-ceramic crown

Lower left molars were covered with all-ceramic crowns.

Spaces between lower front teeth were closed with all-ceramic crowns.



If you are worrying about bad breath, we checked periodontal conditions and cavities.


We also can provide rinse(¥2310) and spray(¥1160) preventing from halitosis



Allergy to metal
If you are worrying about allergy to metal, we ask Want Medical Clinic the allergic test to 12-14 metals. They check the skin reaction 48 &72 hours after pasting metal materials.(¥2400 insurance covered)